The Alpaca Advantage

Outperforms Merino

The hollow core of natural alpaca fiber insulates up to 30% better than merino wool in any weather even when wet.  It is also naturally odor resistant and itch-free.

Thermal Regulation

The natural wicking properties of alpaca fibers help to regulate temperature in any weather.  It insulates like wool in the cold and provides an evaporative cooling effect like cotton in hot weather.

Extreme Comfort

The hollow nature of alpaca fibers allow them to continue to provide insulating warmth even while wet.  The fibers also continue to wick away the moisture as the fibers dry out.



All Altera socks are crafted with pride in North America. Altera is for the adventurer who needs well-made gear that can handle the demands of the great outdoors while still being functional for everyday city wear.


We stand behind every pair of socks we make. If you're not satisfied with your gear at the time you receive it, please send it back. Damaged due to wear and tear we will replace it.


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