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ALTERA Performance Alpaca Wear has provided the basis for the first significant improvement in base layer performance in two decades. Started in 2013 with the goal of engineering the best socks for comfort and durability.  Altera Alpaca socks are tested to military standards which they meet and exceed. The legendary softness and unique thermal properties of the alpaca fiber make the rarity and time intensive gathering of raw materials from our network of small domestic alpaca farmers worth the effort.

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Alpaca fiber is cleaned and processed with a biodegradable citrus based cleaner, making it completely renewable and environmentally sound. ALTERA Performance Alpaca Wear is naturally anti-microbial and flame resistant. In addition, ALTERA enhances the anti-microbial nature of the alpaca fiber with exclusive Silver Infusion Technology, enabling multiple, odor free wears of our alpaca garments without laundering.


Performance & Comfort

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On a microscopic level, alpaca fleece has a smooth exterior surface which is why it is as soft as silk. Alpaca features a unique hollow core which allows it to wick moisture away from skin and provide up to 30% greater insulation than Merino wool in either hot or cold conditions. Total thermal regulation even when wet!

Great For Running

"Love mine for running in the cold!! Amazing how warm my feet stay considering how poor my circulation usually is!!" - Bri

Exceeding Expectations

"I was thoroughly impressed with how comfortable they were. I would recommend these socks to anyone that does a lot of hiking, walking, etc. Thanks for having a GREAT product that exceeded my expectations!" - Martin

Wicking Capabilities

"The wicking capability of these socks is insane. Really impressed with this product!" - Kelcey