Alpaca fiber is an excellent temperature regulator and thermal insulator. This means it stops heat from getting out and cold from getting in. This makes for warm and insulated feet, that most importantly, are not sweaty or clammy. It also means alpaca socks can be worn year-round because the thermal barrier will keep heat out as well and maintain a constant temperature within the socks. 

wear more

Wash Less

Alpaca is naturally anti-microbial and the moisture-wicking fibers absorb less sweat and bacteria, keeping your body clean and hygienic. This means less washing and more adventures.



Moisture wicking and absorbing moisture are two different things. Wicking occurs when the fabric transports moisture away from its source to the outside of a fabric where it is able to evaporate. Wool and cotton are very absorbent, but do not have good wicking properties, which is why people complain that their feet sweat or feel wet in wool or cotton socks. Alpaca, on the other hand, has low moisture absorbency with great wicking properties resulting in better comfort and warmth.

Durable + Lightweight

Alpaca fibers are naturally breathable and lightweight allowing fresh air to circulate so you don't feel stuffy. With smoother and flatter scales than merino wool, alpaca fibers feel incredibly soft. Coupled with high tensile strength, alpaca gear is durable and provides the best comfort to withstand all the adventures you take on.

Great For Running

"Love mine for running in the cold!! Amazing how warm my feet stay considering how poor my circulation usually is!!" - Bri

Exceeding Expectations

"I was thoroughly impressed with how comfortable they were. I would recommend these socks to anyone that does a lot of hiking, walking, etc. Thanks for having a GREAT product that exceeded my expectations!" - Martin

Wicking Capabilities

"The wicking capability of these socks is insane. Really impressed with this product!" - Kelcey